Scientists have learned to determine the risk of death in a new way

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientist Zhuoting Zhu and his colleagues have learned to determine the risk of death in the eyes, namely, the difference between the biological age of the retina and the actual age of the person himself.

According to scientists, they found that the state of the network of small eye vessels can be an indicator of the general condition of the circulatory system and the brain as a whole. In order to predict the age of a person using his eyes, experts used neural networks.

For the experiment, more than 80 thousand fundus images were taken, which belonged to more than 45 thousand volunteers from the UK, whose age ranged from 40 to 69 years.

Neural networks have learned to determine the age of a person with an error of about three years. And because of the importance of the eye vessels, scientists concluded that with a larger gap, the risk of imminent death increases. Approximately 2-3 percent for each year of the gap.


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