Water levels off the coast of United States are rising rapidly

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(ORDO NEWS) — The water level in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the United States has been rising faster and faster for 12 years, and this causes serious concern among scientists.

A team of researchers from Tulane University believes that the record rate of water rise in recent decades is due to the climate crisis and the specifics of weather conditions in recent years.

The study found that since 2010, water in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast coast of the United States has risen by about 1.2 cm per year, well above the global average of 0.3 cm per year.

Scientists noted that this is due to climate change, which led to an increase in water temperature and a change in the density of ocean water and sea currents.

This abnormal rise in water levels could lead to more frequent hurricanes and storms in the US Southeast and neighboring countries.

A group of scientists from Science Advances has warned that Gulf of Mexico hurricanes will move more towards the United States than Mexico, and those hurricanes that previously affected the Southeast United States will now affect more northern regions of the country.

This raises serious concerns, as hurricanes can cause destruction, loss of life and economic damage. Therefore, scientists are calling for joint efforts and building resilience to the challenges posed by the climate crisis.

According to lead author Sonke Dangendorf, interdisciplinary and collaborative research is needed to develop effective responses to climate change and its impacts on the Gulf of Mexico region and the US Southeast.


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