Immunologist told for whom the Omicron strain is very dangerous

(ORDO NEWS) — Some countries do not have sufficient laboratory capacity to detect the Omicron strain of coronavirus in a timely manner. In this regard, the risk of infection is several times greater.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the course of the disease will be quite severe for those people who have not been vaccinated.

Immunologist Boris Donskoy said that the strain is spreading at an incredible speed. All studies of Omicron, which were previously carried out by specialists, involved countries where up to 80% of the population was vaccinated.

Therefore, there is no certainty that in the absence of a vaccine, the disease will proceed so easily. Donskoy added that Omicron has a short incubation period – literally three days, but this does not affect the risk of infection.

Additionally, the doctor draws attention to the fact that Omicron does not have to kill people. He uses the human body in order to actively multiply, as well as infect a huge number of people in a short time.

If there are many unvaccinated people in the country, then in this case you can not count on a mild course of the disease. Not only hospitalizations, but also lethal outcomes are quite possible.

To date, the Omicron coronavirus strain has been recorded in many countries around the world. Even if the presence of the virus has not been established in some, this does not mean that it has not begun to spread among the population.

Pfizer says the Omicron vaccine won’t be ready until spring. Experts emphasize the fact that the drug will help fight not only this strain, but also other variants of the coronavirus.


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