In the coming days, a powerful magnetic storm will hit the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center has provided evidence that a coronal hole on our star has released a high-speed solar wind that will lead to a G1-class magnetic storm on Earth on January 15th.

This cosmic phenomenon can provoke relatively weak fluctuations in the energy system on Earth. In addition, a geomagnetic storm will affect satellite systems and may cause disruptions. Also, the magnetic storm will affect the aurora, which this time may occur a little further south than before.

Geomagnetic conditions on Earth are slightly stabilized only by the evening of January 15th. This was reported at NOAA. Scientists note the fact that the occurrence of coronal holes on the Sun can occur at any time and in different places on the star, but in most cases this happens during the solar minimum.

On a regular basis, coronal holes appear at the poles of the Sun, but they can quickly increase in size and spread to those latitudes that are located below.

If they are stable, then in this case they can act as a long-term source of a high-speed solar wind stream. In this case, the coronal hole is a certain region, which is located in the solar corona, where the plasma temperature, as well as the density, is much lower than in all other areas. Experts have found that the density of the plasma can be less than a hundred times.

Ejections of material from the coronal hole upon reaching the Earth’s magnetosphere cause a geomagnetic storm, which experts classify as G1-G2. It is worth paying attention to the fact that a G1 class geomagnetic storm is considered to be rather weak, and a G2 class storm is already classified as a storm of medium strength.

The most dangerous storms are class G5. They can cause serious failures in electrical networks, as well as disrupt the full functioning of the rest of the infrastructure. In addition, strong geomagnetic storms can have an extremely negative impact on people’s well-being and provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases or the occurrence of many unpleasant symptoms.


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