Doctors told about what is healthier margarine or butter

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(ORDO NEWS) —  Many people wonder what is actually healthier – margarine or butter. Doctors tried to understand this rather interesting question.

It is impossible to give an exact answer to the question of whether butter is healthy. Everything will depend on what the product is compared to.

For example, if we talk about the spread, then in this case, you can find quite a lot of healthy alternatives on the market.

Butter contains a huge amount of saturated fatty acids. They can negatively affect the lipid profile, which in turn can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

After a detailed analysis of the Polish market was carried out, it was possible to establish that 60.5% fatty acids are present in butter.

The advantage of the product is that it also contains short-chain fatty acids – 9.5%. They are quickly and easily absorbed by the human body.

Oil is not a bad product, but its excessive consumption can lead to the development of some health problems. For example, an increase in LDL cholesterol levels can occur.

During the production of margarine today, a special technology for the esterification of oils is often used. The process can be conditionally divided into four stages.

First, all the necessary ingredients are compared in certain quantities at a temperature of 38 degrees. The next step is pasteurization.

With its help, it is possible to preserve the product, as well as destroy the microorganisms present. In this case, the mixture is heated to 80 degrees.

Margarine consists of vegetable oils, both liquid and solid. Water and emulsifiers are also added, often special vitamin supplements.

Some manufacturers use a variety of coloring additives. In most cases, these are natural dyes – carotenes. Flavorings and salt can also be added to margarine.

As part of a healthy person who is trying to make his diet as varied as possible, both products may be present in small quantities.

But if we consider the situation in more detail, we can conclude that margarine made with the help of esterification will be more beneficial for the body.


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