Doctors have called a symptom of Omicron reminiscent of overwork

(ORDO NEWS) — NHS doctors have warned that soreness in the muscles and joints, especially in the knees, shoulders and neck, may indicate infection with the new strain of coronavirus Omicron.

In this case, the pain does not go away after a few hours and can disturb a person for several days.

The NHS notes that people often experience a wide range of soreness that may come and go until the person has fully recovered. Sometimes weakness in the limbs, numbness and slight tingling may be added.

Such strange muscle soreness may indicate that a person has contracted the South African strain of COVID-19. It was possible to prove this assumption thanks to the analysis of the collected information using the special British application ZOE Tracker.

It helps to track the symptoms of sick people. It has also been found that the pain persists for 2-3 days and predominantly occurs immediately after infection.

In the case of patients over 35 years of age, the symptom may bother you for a whole week. Because of it, even simple everyday activities can seem incredibly difficult.

Doctors noted the fact that it is quite problematic to distinguish between COVID-19 infection from the flu, if only the symptoms are taken into account.

At the same time, self-diagnosis will also not allow you to get an accurate result. If there is a suspicion of infection with a coronavirus, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible, as well as take a PCR test.

In addition, it is imperative to get vaccinated in order to reduce the risk of a severe disease.


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