Doctor told what foods you need to eat with coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Omicron is spreading incredibly fast. It does not cause very serious symptoms, especially when compared to other strains, but the body still needs help to recover more quickly. Doctor Robert Lahita from Kentucky talked about what foods must be in the diet when infected with coronavirus.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the only way to really alleviate your condition as much as possible is to get vaccinated. Only in the event that a vaccine is obtained, then a person will be able to transfer the infection much easier. Changes made to the diet do not help much in such cases.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that coronavirus quite often causes loss of appetite in patients and does not play any role at all whether there is a vaccine or not. The doctor noted that many patients complain that the virus has caused very severe sore throat. Those infected with the coronavirus cannot normally not what to eat, but even drink water.

The expert advises in such situations to include yogurt in your diet. The product has a texture that will not irritate the throat. In addition, it contains enough proteins and other nutrients. With their help, it will be possible to maintain strength and help the body fight the disease. Lahita also recommends chopping the banana and adding the fruit to the yogurt. Potassium will help to cope with the disease faster.

Quite unexpected advice may be what the doctor told about the use of ice cream. Drinking as much liquid as possible is very important when you get the coronavirus. If the virus has caused vomiting or diarrhea, electrolyte water is an excellent option to maintain normal salt and potassium levels. You can replace such water with soups or broths.

When there is absolutely no appetite, then you should use a special protein shake. Not all people lose their appetite when infected with the coronavirus. If this does not happen, then the diet should include the maximum amount of cruciferous vegetables and especially broccoli.

As you recover, your appetite begins to increase. The doctor recommends not to start eating in large quantities and it is advisable to avoid those foods that contain too much sugar. It is better to give preference to food with a large amount of protein.


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