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Badajoz UFO Incident Mysterious Green Alien Encounter in Spain

Badajoz UFO Incident Mysterious Green Alien Encounter in Spain

(ORDO NEWS) — The Badajoz UFO incident is one of the strangest UFO sightings in Spanish history, linked to its air force. This incident became known as the “Green Man of Talavera la Real” as two Spanish soldiers, José María Trejo and Juan Carrizosa Luján, claimed to have seen and shot a creature of unknown origin.

Around 1:45 local time on November 12, 1976, José María Trejo and Juan Carrizosa were on duty (each in his booth, about 60 meters apart) in the so-called fuel zone of the Talavera la Real air base (Badajoz, Spain).

Suddenly they heard a strange noise. At first it looked like radio interference, but then it turned into a high frequency whistle that hurt my ears.

The soldiers thought that the sound was made by someone who had entered the military zone, but after five minutes it stopped. Trejo asked his partner Carrizosa if they heard the noise, and he answered in the affirmative. They prepared their weapons, Z-62 submachine guns, and made a visual inspection of the surroundings.

They heard the sound again, which was so powerful it felt like their heads would explode. Five minutes later, they saw a vertical light in the sky, similar to a flash, which lasted about 15 or 20 seconds. Another guard arrived with a guard dog.

Jose Hidalgo and another escort, accompanied by dogs, approached the boxes. Fearing that someone had entered the military facility with the aim of sabotage, they decided to report this to the security corporal Pavon. He ordered them to check the entire territory.

They went parallel to the wall separating the main road from the base. Seeing that the dog, specially trained for such cases, did not show any signs of anxiety, they also remained calm. But suddenly, after walking about 300 meters, they felt a whirlpool and heard the branches of a nearby eucalyptus tree breaking.

The soldiers became alert and, clutching their machine guns, released the dog, which went straight to the place where they heard the noise of the branches.

They waited for the dog to make a sound or bark, but a few seconds later it returned listless and staggering. The dog returned sick. After a while, the dog began to run around the soldiers (dogs are taught this to protect their trainers).

They stopped several times, but no one answered until José María Trejo had the feeling that someone was following him. At a distance of 15 meters, Trejo noticed a green light in the shape of a man to his left.

The creature was very tall, about 3 meters. It seemed to be made up of small dots of light, with the brightness being more intense at the edges. The head was small and covered with what looked like a helmet. The arms were very long and crossed. No arms or legs were visible.

Trejo tried to shoot, but was unable to do so and, feeling a general stiffness, fell to the ground. Hidalgo and Carrizosa started shooting. Between 40 and 50 rounds were fired at this creature, which flickered and disappeared.

The eerie sound they heard earlier reappeared. This time the duration of the sound was 10 or 15 seconds. Colleagues helped Trejo up and put the entire base on high alert.

The next day, 50 people searched the area where the event took place, but found nothing. Not a single cartridge case, not a bullet that hit the wall surrounding the perimeter, nothing.

A few days later, when Trejo entered the base’s dining room, he became blind and fell unconscious to the floor. He started having health problems. On November 30, he was admitted to the Air Force Hospital in Madrid with a diagnosis of “nervous imbalance”. In the future, these “nervous imbalances” did not recur.

Air Force experts confirmed that the cartridges were used up, but what happened to the fired bullets?

According to the main characters of this story: “We do not know what it is. But what we do not doubt is that we saw it perfectly, and it “looked like a man, but very tall …” .

Even today there is no answer to the question of what the soldiers fought. But most of the people involved in this case agree that it was something to do with aliens.


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