Ancient magic pools discovered in northern Italy

(ORDO NEWS) — During the Bronze Age, people living in northern Italy used wooden pools for magical rituals. They symbolized the path to the “other world”. The fact is that the water in them reflected the sky and, as it were, made a ritual corridor. The constructions are very complex structurally and have become a real discovery for archaeologists.

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The pools were discovered in the Po plain, which lies between the Alps and the Apennines. Excavations have been actively going on for several years. There were various assumptions about what these buildings were used for: public baths, SPA, etc. However, multiple finds have shown that the pools had ritual significance.

Archaeologists opened the curtain and told how it was: pools of water reflected the sky and symbolized the transition to another world. Shamans invited everyone to look “on the other side of the world”. The upper basin was built in 1432 AD and the lower one in 1444 BC. The depth of each of them is 12 meters.

The pools were built from oak, so scientists easily determined the age of the wood and the time it was built using carbon analysis. All excavation and exploration work was supervised by Stuart Manning. He said that he used the skills of dendrochronology, it was they who helped to carry out all the analyzes.

Stuart Manning also said that at different times, similar structures were made all over the world. Most of the finds have not survived to this day. Scientists call such constructions “unnecessary monuments”. For example, pyramids were built in Egypt, Stonehenge was erected in England during the same period, and wooden pools were made in Italy. Remains of dams and terraces were also found in the PO valley. This means that the water supply system was developed here.


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