One of the mysteries of methane on the Red Planet solved

(ORDO NEWS) — Methane has been found on Mars, and this is an incredibly interesting discovery for researchers. It can be the result of microbial activity. Discovered gas by the Curiosity rover. Now scientists are trying to find evidence of the existence of life on the red planet.

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To understand who left the methane on Mars: bacteria or is it the result of geological processes, you need to do a lot of research. The fact is that the substance was found only on the surface of Gale Crater. No traces of it were found higher in the planet’s atmosphere.

Also, NASA reported that not so much gas was found. Thanks to the sampling system on Mars, it turned out to find literally a few grams of matter.

The ExoMars orbiter arrived on Mars 5 years ago. The data from it constantly differed from those that Curiosity receives and sees. Because of this, scientists have been confused for a long time. NASA researcher Chris Webster said that he was in shock for a long time due to a large discrepancy in the information received.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the devices operate at different times of the day. Scientists suggest that methane can accumulate on the planet’s surface at night and dissipate during the day. Therefore, one spacecraft detects it, and the other does not. The Curiosity team confirmed this fact, methane does disappear during the day. Therefore, it is also important to know what destroys the gas molecules.


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