The man faces 20 years in prison due to a disrupted flight

(ORDO NEWS) — The man made a riot on board a passenger plane. A simple verbal skirmish was not enough, and the conflicted passenger at some point simply jumped out of the taxiing plane. This happened at Los Angeles International Airport.

Reported by Pix11.

Oddly enough, the incident happened immediately after the US Federal Aviation Administration announced a “zero tolerance”. Higher fines for violation of rules of conduct for passengers have come into force at airports.

Luis Antonio Victoria Dominguez, that is the name of the brawler, told the FBI that he used methamphetamine before his trick. He flew to the United States on June 22 from Cabo San Lucas. And all this time he was taking drugs.

Luis Antonio admitted that he even missed two flights due to drugs. But on Friday, June 25, he still sat down on SkyWest. Before takeoff, the man managed to get some sleep, and when he woke up, he decided that he urgently needed to leave the plane. He started knocking on the cockpit door, pulling the locked handles, shouting and behaving inappropriately. He managed to jump out through the emergency door.

Luis Antonio caused a lot of inconvenience to the other passengers on the flight and the crew. Because of him, the plane took off with a delay. What the man was thinking when he jumped out the emergency door will remain a mystery. Having landed, he broke his leg and could no longer move on his own.

He was immediately hospitalized and sent to hospital for treatment. However, when the man recovers, a trial awaits him. Now the rowdy faces up to 20 years in prison in federal prison. Fortunately, none of the other passengers or crew members were injured in this story.


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