Secrets of ancient ships the history of the disappeared ships of Lake Nemi

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NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — One of the most mysterious discoveries of archeology of the 20th century is the raising of two ancient ships from the bottom of Lake Nemi in Italy. These ships, built during the reign of Caligula, attracted the attention of researchers with their uniqueness and mystery. What were these ships and what is the story behind their sinking?

The first of the ships raised was a floating sanctuary intended to hold rites in honor of Diana Nemi or the Egyptian goddess Isis. On its deck there was a covered heated pavilion at the stern, and a sanctuary was installed in the bow. According to historians, the construction of this ship was associated with the emperor’s villa, which was located on the shore of the lake.

The second ship was used primarily for religious ceremonies. On board were discovered cult objects associated with the goddess Isis, who at that time began to be identified with Diana. It is interesting to note that the sanctuary of the goddess Diana was located in a protected grove near Lake Nemi.

The main intended purpose of these two ships was to participate in the navigium Isidis ceremony – a ritual dedicated to the goddess Isis, the patroness of sailors. Every year on March 15, this ceremony restarted the navigation season.

Unfortunately, these ancient ships have not survived to this day. Both ships were destroyed during World War II. However, their raising and study made it possible to learn a lot about the ancient rituals and customs of that time.

The mystery of the sunken ships of Lake Nemi still remains a subject of interest to researchers. These vessels are a unique testimony to ancient Roman culture and religion, and also provide a deeper understanding of the history and customs of the time.


News agencies contributed to this report, edited and published by ORDO News editors.

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