4,500-year-old rope fragment found in Turkey

(ORDO NEWS) — During ongoing excavations at the Seyitemer burial mound in the western province of Kutahya (Turkey), archaeologists have discovered a 4,500-year-old rope.

A series of excavations of the mound began in 2019, and over the past three years, a team of scientists, consisting of archaeologists, restorers and architects, managed to unearth many artifacts.

Scientists noted that they were able to discover settlements dating back to the second and third periods of the Early Bronze Age and the Roman period.

To date, about 6,000 archaeological finds have been discovered here, one way or another shedding light on the past of the mound.

4 500 year old rope fragment found in Turkey 2

The most unexpected discovery of this year was the discovery of the remains of a 4500-year-old rope in the barrow.

According to experts, such finds are very important because they allow us to restore the history of certain items.

So, for example, with regard to rope, we can say that the ropes of that time turned out to be almost the same thickness and weaving as those that are used today.

The mound Seyitemer, dating from the third century BC, is located 26 kilometers from the city center. The excavation of the mound, which had an original height of 26 meters, a width of 140 meters and a length of 150 meters, was initiated by the Eskisehir Museum Authority in 1989.

This series of excavations lasted from 1990 to 1995. The next, already longer, series began in 2006 and continued until 2014.

Then more than 17 thousand different artifacts were discovered and transferred to the museum. The new series began in 2019 and continues at the present time.


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