Blood type, the owners of which most often change

(ORDO NEWS) — Often, entering into a relationship, the most important question remains whether the union will be happy and whether the lovers will be faithful to each other.

As it turns out, people are predisposed to cheating from birth. Scientists have deduced a blood type that makes its owner windy.

It is in the carriers of the first blood group that experts reveal a tendency to cheat. However, this does not mean that the marriage will not be strong.

Quite the opposite. Scientists say that they definitely will not leave the family. They prefer fleeting affairs to strong relationships on the side, which rarely end in anything other than flirting.

According to statistics, almost 95% of people of the second blood group do not change. They may admit the thought of going to the left, but they will quickly run to tell their half about it in order to solve the problems that have arisen. After all, they themselves will never forgive the betrayal of their man.

The most faithful to their soulmate can be called carriers of the third blood group. They can fantasize about someone else, but they are unlikely to go further than this.

The most windy are, of course, people with the fourth blood group. They love the attention of the opposite sex. These people are very emotional and explosive, so bright flirting or even a compliment can push them to change.


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