Sediq Afghan on the earthquake in Turkey: “A bomb was placed at a depth of 14 km and exploded”

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(ORDO NEWS) — Mathematician Sediq Afghan is called a genius – thanks to the mathematical formula he invented, he predicts global events that will occur in the future.

So the seer knew in advance about the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Sediq Afghan predicted natural disasters that would occur in the world in 2023 back in 2015. Therefore, when the elements raged in the southeast of Turkey, he was not surprised.

According to my calculations, this is an artificial earthquake. They did it on purpose.

A bomb was placed in the ground to a depth of 14 kilometers and exploded.

These are not empty words – right now I can calculate and prove all this – Sediq Afghan.

Sediq Afghan on the earthquake in Turkey A bomb was placed at a depth of 14 km and exploded 2

On the air of the MALAKHOV program on the Russia 1 TV channel, Afghan also said that there is a Committee 3 in the world that works against humanity.

Moreover, above it there are higher secret committees “30”, “300” and “900”. The mathematician believes that the people who are there oversee the events taking place in the world.

Prophet-mathematician Sediq Afghan prepares us for the date 07/17/2023: “Nuclear blackmail again”

Moreover, according to the scientist’s calculations, it turns out that in 2023 the world will not be calm.

He openly says that this year is much more dangerous than the previous one, and also than 2024. Only in 2025 will the turning point come.

Throughout 2023 there will be atomic blackmail between world powers.

Everything will be at the level of threats – I do not see explosions.

The whole world said that the Third World War would break out in 2022, but I calculated something else.

As a result, the Third World War did not start – Sediq Afghan.

2023 and 2024 will be dangerous for the planet

The specialist believes that Russia will win because the United States is sowing global evil, and this is unacceptable.

But soon the hegemony of this power will come to an end – America will begin to regress.

According to Afghan’s predictions , different states will begin to pull the blanket over themselves, they will want more freedom and independence.

The mathematician also predicts a gradual collapse of the US currency.


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