Wife received a letter sent by her husband 76 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — American John Gonsalves sent a letter to his mother in the small town of Wuburn. This happened after the Second World War had officially ended.

The letter only recently came to the address indicated by the soldier, but it was not the mother to whom it was addressed, but his wife who received it.

Angelina Gonsalves, now 89 years old, received a letter written by her husband. He sent it to his mother back in 1945 – 76 years ago. At that time, John Gonsalves was in Germany. He was only 22 years old and had the rank of sergeant in the army.

In the letter, the guy said that he had received a letter from his mother and was very happy that everything was fine with them.

He also added that he copes well with everything that life throws at him. The only downside is the food is too bad, but John still does not lose heart.

For over 75 years, this letter has been sealed. It was discovered quite by accident not so long ago at the distributor of the US Postal Service, which is located in Pittsburgh.

During this long enough time, the mother to whom the message was addressed, as well as the man himself, died. John died back in 2015, but his letter was eventually received by Angelina, spouse. The soldier met her already five years after the end of hostilities.

John and Angelina have lived for over 60 years. During this time, they were able to successfully raise five sons. The woman shared her emotions and noted that for some time it seemed to her that her husband was again near, returned to her again.


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