A woman poisoned her husband for six years because of the refusal to transfer property to her

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(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the Indian city of Pala, Kerala, slipped pills into her husband’s food and poisoned him for six years because he did not transfer property to her. It is reported by India Today.

Asha, now 36, married Sathish Suresh, two years her senior, in 2006. At first, the man had his own business, which did not generate income, but after he started producing ice cream, everything changed – his business went uphill. He ended up buying a house in 2012.

The wife’s joy at buying real estate was overshadowed only by the fact that the husband declared that he would give all the property to his family and brothers if something happened to him. Because of this, the Indian woman was offended by her husband.

The couple often quarreled, and Asha was the main initiator of the conflicts. She, as noted by Sathish, found fault with him over trifles.

Despite the disagreements, the wife cooked lunch for her husband every day, which he took with him to work. Over time, Sathish noticed that his condition worsened, he began to get tired more quickly. The man went to the doctor, who advised him to have his blood sugar tested.

After the examination, the physician prescribed a course of treatment for the Indian, but even after taking the medicine, the patient’s health did not improve.

In September 2021, Sathish stopped eating homemade food and noticed that he felt better. Suspicious of his wife, he asked his friend to find out if Asha added any medicines to the dishes.

When a friend turned to the Indian, she said that she added medicines to her husband’s food. She even sent him a picture of the drug on WhatsApp. Sathish then removed the CCTV footage from the house and handed it over to the police along with the complaint.


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