Ghost’s wife complained about his behavior

(ORDO NEWS) — An Oxfordshire resident married a ghost and complained about his behavior.

A resident of the English county of Oxfordshire, who claims to have married a ghost, complained about his drunkenness and hooligan behavior during his honeymoon. The story of the unusual couple is published by the Daily Star.

In the fall of 2021, singer-songwriter Brokerd stated that she fell in love with the spirit of a soldier named Eduardo, who died at 35 after falling into a well.

The woman claims that in October she married her lover in the Asylum Chapel in London.

The wedding was allegedly attended by the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and King Henry VIII. Brokerd complained that it was difficult to find a place where they agreed to hold the ceremony.

The ghost’s wife talked about disagreements with Eduardo even before the wedding, but they found a reason for a quarrel at the holiday itself.

“Eduardo just couldn’t help but tell Monroe that she looks sexy. I’m like, “Wow, right? It’s our wedding day.”

This remark completely ruined my evening!” she complained.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds went on their honeymoon to Barry Island, located in South Wales.

According to Brokerd, everything went wrong from the moment when she tried to treat Eduardo with ice cream on the beach, and he jokingly threw her on the sand.

As a result, the singer had to wash off sweet ice cream and sand stuck to it.

“Since my husband does not have a bank card, I always pay our bills.

He constantly emptied bottles of alcohol from the minibar of the hotel room, and I had to pay for all this.

The only drink that Eduardo is indifferent to is gin, ”complained Brokerd.

She added that once Eduardo ordered 12 bottles of expensive champagne to the room and made her pay for them.

The quirks of the ghostly husband did not end there. According to the singer, he asked her to close the chimney so that Santa Claus would not sneak into their house on Christmas.

Brokerd explained that Eduardo is jealous of her and worries if she communicates with other men, even with Santa Claus.


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