Why it is dangerous to eat only once a day

(ORDO NEWS) — The modern pace of life takes literally all the time from people for work, training, self-development. Sometimes people forget to eat because of the heavy workload. Polls conducted among men and women of different ages showed that many people eat only once a day. Nutritionists warn that a single meal can lead to serious health problems. Reported by Eat This, Not That.

Why it is dangerous to eat only once a day 2

The fact is that for one meal the body does not receive the necessary nutrients. Even if a person consumes 3000 kcal at one meal, the body will not digest them 100%. As a result, a person will regularly feel discomfort, hunger, and abdominal pain.

Nutritionists also claim that such a diet promotes weight gain. This leads to a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, a deterioration in the condition of the skin and hair. A person gets used to constant malnutrition, this is a strong stress for the body.

The health problems don’t end there. Over time, the human body begins to “shut down” due to a lack of sugar in the blood. Fatigue, exhaustion, heart problems. If you live for such a long time, then it will take a long time for the body to adapt to a normal diet and healthy eating.


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