Why are there so many centenarians in Japan?

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Japanese Ministry of Health promises that by the end of this year in the Land of the Rising Sun, the number of centenarians will exceed 85,000.

The average life expectancy in this island country is 84 years, this is a world record, Japan has long and firmly held the world championship in this indicator.

The aging of the population is becoming part of the problem, but the local centenarians are extremely cheerful, keep a clear mind and physical activity in their old years.

Long-livers here are people with the age of 100+. Their number is steadily growing. Especially among the female population.

80 percent of the world’s centenarians are Japanese women. What do they do that is missing in other countries?

The Japanese love order. The daily routine is quite strict. They get up early and go to bed early.

They move a lot, or at least stand still. There are few personal cars here, they get to work by public transport. Often standing.

Much attention is paid to cleanliness in the house and personal hygiene. Getting in the shower a couple of times a day is a common thing. And in the morning, be sure to do a light warm-up, a classic exercise.

They are often outdoors. In part, this is a forced measure that has become a tradition. The apartments are rather cramped, it is not customary to invite guests home. They meet about in cafes or in open areas, at picnics.

Food is fresh, portions are small. Yes, and sticks instead of our spoons. They rarely fry, often steam, boil, stew, etc. If we have a lot of meat in our soups, and even fatty ones, then they have algae in their honor.

Traditionally served with rice and vegetables. A lot of tea, high-quality, green, which powerfully cleanses the body of toxins.

And the last thing: here they take their own health seriously, they regularly visit doctors.


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