Farmer finds 400-year-old coins underground

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(ORDO NEWS) — A Polish farmer hunting for old tractor parts made the discovery of a lifetime when he unearthed an incredible 17th-century relic that had spent centuries underground.

Archaeologists believe that this clay pot, containing over a thousand copper coins, was deliberately hidden near the small village of Zaniówka in eastern Poland.

After 400 years in the ground, the copper coins have oxidized and are now green. Of the 1000 found, about 115 are loose, and the entire treasure weighs more than three kilograms.

Farmer finds 400 year old coins underground 2

The study revealed the origin of the coins, and archaeologists believe that they were created between 1663 and 1666 at mints in Warsaw, Vilnius in Lithuania and Brest – now in Belarus.


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