When does a child need an endocrinologist?

(ORDO NEWS) — Endocrine pathologies are rather insidious diseases that can have a devastating effect on the health and future of the child. Therefore, it is very important to detect warning signs of their development as early as possible and start appropriate treatment.

If a qualified specialist, an endocrinologist, is involved in establishing accurate diagnoses, then you, as a parent, are required to notice alarming signals in time and make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

Common diseases of patients of endocrinologists

With what cases does a professional endocrinologist take charge in the city of Kharkiv ? Parents clutch at the health of their children when they notice the following alarming symptoms:

  • Constant thirst in a child;
  • Tired too quickly and complains of shortness of breath;
  • The child is overweight;
  • Marked deterioration in memory and impaired concentration;
  • Severe sweating in a child, accompanied by a rapid heartbeat;
  • Premature appearance of sexual characteristics or vice versa, delays in sexual development;
  • Strong lag in growth from peers;
  • Severe weight loss;
  • Frequent urination.

If you notice any of these signs in your child, immediately make an appointment with an endocrinologist.

Common diseases of patients of endocrinologists

Consider a list of the most common diseases in this area among children. Diseases of the thyroid gland are expressed through its pathological increase, which is caused by a whole list of factors.

First of all, doctors blame the poor-quality nutrition of children, which includes an excess of carbohydrates. It is also worth adding regular stresses that often accompany children everywhere, from an unhealthy home atmosphere to kindergartens and schools.

Not the last role is played by environmental and hereditary factors – the first is expressed in general health disorders caused by high volumes of factory emissions into the atmosphere. Heredity, although considered to be alarming, in fact does not always have a serious impact on the current state of the child’s health.

Obesity – every year this diagnosis is increasingly heard from the lips of endocrinologists. According to experts, in our time, fast food and other quick snacks are too common in the children’s diet, which allow you to quickly satisfy your hunger, but are extremely harmful to the body in the long run. To this is added a lack of physical activity in children, which leads to the deposition of excess fat.

Type 1 diabetes, contrary to popular belief, occurs not so much for hereditary reasons as against the background of complex complications in the body caused by malnutrition, stress and immune problems. Today, more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes in children under the age of 9, which is a worrying trend.


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