Man can’t find a job because he looks like a child

(ORDO NEWS) — Young-looking grown man Mao Sheng says his appearance is preventing him from finding a job he desperately needs to support his ailing father. This is reported by the Daily Star.

Despite his small stature and youthful appearance, he said that this is proving to be a major problem in his life.

He says most employers don’t believe him when he says how old he is. And others think that his appearance will cause problems with the authorities, who will suspect that child labor laws are being violated.

After appearing on social media, his desperate job requests went viral.

In the video, a man expresses his frustration at not being able to financially support his father because he can’t find a job.

He even said that he first looked for work with a friend who quickly found it, and Mao was left without offers.

Since then, netizens have been criticizing potential employers for not giving Mao a chance to shine just because of his looks.

But after the video’s success, a number of potential employers were reportedly interested in it. It is reported that Mao managed to find a job.

Mao was apparently unaware of his popularity on the Internet, because when he was told about it, he became worried that this would upset his family.

He was worried that the video might make it seem like he wasn’t taking his job search seriously.


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