Archaeologists discover head of child who used hallucinogenic plants during his lifetime

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists took for analysis the hair of a Peruvian child sacrificed several thousand years ago. The analysis showed that the child during his life used a plant that has drugs.

For the study, scientists collected hair samples from the severed heads of adults and children. Cutting off heads was part of ancient rituals.

It turned out that many of the dead used hallucinogenic plants during their lifetime. The researchers found traces of Banisteriopsis caapi, a compound found in the hallucinogenic drink ayahuasca.

The scientists added that the baby’s head was among the 22 remains studied. All sacrificed people belong to the Nazca society.

The sex and age of the child has not yet been established, but it is already known for sure that he used the hallucinogenic plant of the San Pedro cactus.


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