Warship sunk in Thames with tons of explosives could cause tsunami

(ORDO NEWS) — During World War II, a warship filled with explosives sank to the bottom of the Thames. The British authorities intend to dismantle the ship, otherwise the formation of a powerful tsunami in case of detonation is possible.

The ship, named Richard Montgomery, is reported to contain roughly 1,500 tons of explosive material. The ship carried explosives on 20 August 1944, but sank 45 miles east of London.

They managed to extract half of the explosives, 1500 tons is the second half. It is important to note that the explosive cargo is located only 15 meters from the surface of the water surface and near residential areas. It is quite possible that the disaster will claim the lives of some citizens. Experts focus on the instability of the cargo: one unsuccessful shift will lead to the formation of a wave of impressive dimensions (according to estimates – up to 5 meters).

Port workers have been monitoring the condition of the ship for 76 years. They note that the picture is getting sadder every year. Boats are more troubling: people often swim close to a military vessel, not realizing the full danger.

The question about “Richard Montgomery” is regularly raised in parliament. Officials do not know how the government can calmly look at the tons of explosives that can go up at any moment. There was already an incident in 2012 when a speedboat carrying explosives swept past the ship. It is good that the boat was intercepted before it moved the warship.

To remove the explosives, the first step is to evacuate all nearby citizens. These are forced measures: the rotten masts of the ship can fall at any time, provoking an explosion. The works are estimated at £ 4 million.


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