NASA discovered a potentially dangerous asteroid

(ORDO NEWS) — A huge asteroid is approaching Earth, and NASA describes the object as “potentially dangerous.”

Asteroid 2020ND is a space rock with a diameter of 170 meters, it will approach the Earth in just a few days.

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that the asteroid will approach Earth on July 24, within 0.034 astronomical units (AU) of our planet.

One AE (149,598,000 km) is the distance between the Earth and the Sun, so the asteroid will fly at a distance of 5,086,327 km from our planet.

The space rock flies at a speed of 13.5 km / s or 48,000 km / h.

The space agency said: “Potentially hazardous asteroids are currently being identified based on parameters that measure the asteroid’s ability to threaten Earth.”


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