A sample of the asteroid Bennu turned out to be rich in material for research

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Space missions always bring unexpected discoveries, and NASA's mission

Scientist unveils Bennu asteroid’s black dust; NASA pauses for identification

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- NASA's OSIRIS-REx space capsule, which recently returned from a

Historic landing: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx capsule carrying a sample of asteroid Bennu lands

(ORDO NEWS) -- The OSIRIS-REx sample capsule successfully landed in Utah, bringing back rocks and

NASA warns of a possible collision between Earth and a large asteroid in 2182

(ORDO NEWS) -- NASA scientists have issued a warning about a possible collision between asteroid

Risk of giant asteroids colliding with Earth could be worse than we thought

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Are there comets or asteroids that really threaten the Earth?

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Scientists underestimated the risk of giant asteroids colliding with Earth

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Found asteroids that could deliver water to Earth

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Several large asteroids are approaching the Earth at once

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An unknown class of water-rich asteroids identified

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Scientists create an early warning system for dangerous asteroids

(ORDO NEWS) -- The European Space Agency (ESA) is working on an early warning system