Geophysicist: Japan is threatened by an earthquake that will cause a dangerous tsunami for Tokyo

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(ORDO NEWS) — “Japan is in a dangerous position. Somewhere within three months from March to May 2023, there may be a very strong earthquake in the ocean off the southern part of Japan.

The main danger here is the tsunami. Based on the expected location of the seismic event, the tsunami could affect Tokyo. Therefore, great sacrifices are possible, ”said Lyubushin.

According to him, the forecast is based on the analysis of seismic noise throughout the planet, and Japan in particular.

Japan has an extensive, open database – 78 seismic stations register vibrations of the earth’s surface.

These data formed the basis of the calculation. These fluctuations are connected in a certain way with the preparation of earthquakes.

“I used such a geophysical parameter as the length of the day (the Earth rotates sometimes more slowly, sometimes faster). Seismic noise parameters vary depending on the length of the day.

It turned out that there is a correlation: a surge in the response of seismic noise properties to the length of the day is associated with seismic energy emissions.

First there is a burst of correlation, then after 430 days there is a release of seismic energy. This is March of this year,” Lyubushin explained.

The peak recorded by the scientist formed at the end of 2022 and the beginning of this year, both for Japan and for the whole world. Therefore, strong earthquakes are possible in other parts of the world.

“Of course, if there is an earthquake in Japan, it will be very strong. This may affect the Kuril Islands. Kamchatka too, but still it is far away, ”said Lyubushin.


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