Six types of Covid-19 detected: SYMPTOMS

(ORDO NEWS) — The information that there are several types of Covid-19 in the world has been known for a long time, but only recently have experts established their exact number and determined the level of danger of each option.

In total, six types of coronavirus have been discovered. The new data will help to better prepare for the second wave of the pandemic and prevent many deaths. Experts will also be able to more carefully assess the risk of re-infection for each of the six options.

Dividing the coronavirus into six types makes it possible to predict the symptoms, as well as to begin the correct treatment much faster (to focus on the affected body systems). So, scientists have identified the following types.

Flu-like without fever : Flu- like symptoms (headache, odor problems, muscle pain, cough).
Flu-like with fever : In addition to the above symptoms, there is fever and loss of appetite.
Gastrointestinal : the main blow falls on the digestive tract, so diarrhea occurs, appetite is lost; pains in the chest and throat are possible.
Severe level 1 : cough, fever, hoarseness, chest pain, increased fatigue.
Severe level 2 : symptoms as in level 1, but confusion, muscle pains are added.
Severe level 3 : a collective variant of levels 1 and 2, also characterized by shortness of breath, pain in the abdomen and muscles, and loose stools.

Absolutely all six types are characterized by headaches, loss of smell and pain in various parts of the body. Also, patients note fatigue, which is not associated with physical activity.

Thanks to the classification, doctors will be able to devote more time to those patients who have a more advanced type of coronavirus. This approach will undoubtedly save a large number of lives.


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