Vatican: hologram came out instead of Pope Francis?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On April 13th, a very strange video spread in the social networks of Italy, and then around the world, which depicts the speech of the Pope. What is strange in this situation is that after the performance was finished, Papa said goodbye and waved, and after taking a few steps he simply disappeared.

The first assumption is that this is a fake or, in other words, an image processed in a video editor. But this cannot explain the fact that several people simultaneously saw the “fake” and recorded the video.

Therefore, if you do not take into account the ascension option, we can talk about the hologram of Pope Francis. Moreover, special technologies for creating holograms have been around for quite some time. If so, why did the Vatican begin to show tricks to viewers directly during the live broadcast?

In this situation, several versions were put forward at once. Dad could feel bad or even die. After the coronavirus appeared in Italy, information was published that the Pope caught a cold and is in quarantine.

After some time, the media reported on improving health, but still no one saw the Pope after that. It is worth noting that the Vatican has many reasons to hide the death of the Pope, which would greatly undermine the authority of the church.

So now we can only guess what is really happening in the Vatican and what it actually was on the video – an unsuccessful shooting or really using a hologram.


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