One in three Americans thinks that the coronavirus was created in the laboratory

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to a large-scale survey, 29% of all Americans believe that coronavirus was developed in the laboratory. They are convinced of the existence of conspiracy theory.

The survey was conducted by Pew Research. As it turned out, almost a third of Americans do not recognize the generally accepted theory that the strain supposedly migrated to people from the body of animals.

Uncertainty exacerbates the situation: to this day, specialists cannot say exactly how people got infected.

In conspiracy theory, they also believe in Britain. Only there, a significant part of people is convinced that the virus is spreading via 5G mobile towers. Even actors, such as Woody Harrelson, believe in this, to put it mildly, strange theory.

Only 43% of respondents believe in the natural way of the virus. 29% strongly disagree with this. 25% of people can’t say exactly where the coronavirus came from. And only 1% do not believe in the existence of the strain.

Interestingly, the plot version is common among young people who are between 18 and 29 years old. This is very strange, because people of advanced age are usually considered a trusting category of population.


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