Life after death exists: the girl drowned and fell into the kingdom of heaven

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In 1985, Lori, who at that time was 19 years old, went to work as an analyst in Oregon, in a naval institution. There, employees from time to time had an interesting leisure, but since Lori knew how to swim badly, she was afraid of water. Nevertheless, her colleagues managed to persuade her. She went down the river in a special inflatable kayak. In one place it was especially dangerous, because there were water vortices and a huge number of boulders.

The girl should have turned the kayak sharply enough, but due to slow movement he turned over and Laurie was in icy water, which quickly began to drag her into the depths. When the air was no longer enough, Lori calmed down and did not even feel pain in her lungs.

Then she felt warm in cold water. The girl walked along the tunnel, and when she left him, she ended up in a room with three angels. One of them said that Lori was still too early to stay here and showed a strange book where instead of inscriptions scenes from her life were painted.

Then she talked a little with the angel, and then took a breath, all the water poured out of her lungs, and the lifeguard’s hand took the girl out of the icy water.

Lori for a long time could not understand why more than 20 people died in this river after her, and she was able to survive. But now she understands that any choice in life can affect other people. Lori took a long time to understand her purpose. She began to heal the sick, as well as hear the voices of spirits, although she did not see them to this day.


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