Zero patient infected in Wuhan laboratory: shocking data surfaced

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — As it was found, the first patient was an employee of one of the military laboratories, which is located in Wuhan. This information was hidden for a long time, and all documents confirming this were carefully hidden, reports Fox News.

If you believe the data provided, then the infection of a laboratory employee occurred from a bat, and then it began to spread rapidly among the residents of Wuhan.

The place of transfer was the market, which was initially exposed as the source of the dangerous virus. It is worth noting that the virus did not appear in the laboratory as a biological weapon. China did everything possible to learn how to quickly detect and combat viruses in the United States.

Talk that the virus appeared on the market was needed to hide real data and mask the guilt of the laboratory. Mike Pompeo noted the fact that the Institute of Virology is located near the seafood market and therefore the virus could quickly get on it.

Some time ago it became known that China intentionally hid information about the spread of the virus, and also significantly underestimated the real number of cases of infection. In fact, there are many more patients than the Chinese authorities provided in official reports.


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