US may hit hundreds of tornadoes this year: meteorologists alarmed

(ORDO NEWS) — The central regions of the United States are experiencing some of the coldest temperatures that have led to massive power outages. A similar thing was observed for the last time in 2011.

Meteorologists fear that the current situation will lead to numerous tornadoes in the spring. History may repeat itself, experts say. In 2011, the United States suffered incredible losses from home demolitions.

Severe weather is actually a collection of short events that trigger longer-term changes, noted Sam Lillo of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The tornadoes of 2011 were among the deadliest. They killed 550 lives. There were 875 tornadoes in April alone. The whirlwind alone was able to cause $ 3 billion in damage, not to mention others.

It is important to correctly identify the likely points of tornado formation in order to prepare people.

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