For some people, sleepwalking ends tragically: how science explains this phenomenon

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have come to the conclusion that sleep-walking is a consequence of lack of sleep or mental illness. Approximately 5% of children experience sleepwalking, however, in adulthood, various trips, as a rule, stop.

While in deep sleep, people can perform complex tasks: push furniture, dress, cook. In the UK, there was a case where a girl sat on a crane without realizing anything. Some sleepwalkers may wake up for a moment and then fall asleep.

In adulthood, adventures are often due to lack of sleep. If in relation to children, experts pass a verdict on the late development of the central nervous system, then to adults – mental disorders and anxiety.

Some studies have shown that sleepwalking is common in people with migraines, but this information does not provide a clear picture of the phenomenon. Science is unable to clearly explain the manifestation of sleepwalking. Despite accidents while walking on roofs and stairs in a dream, scientists do not see anything dangerous in sleepwalking.


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