UFOs in Korea in 1609: Numerous UFOs were observed by residents throughout the peninsula for 6 hours

(ORDO NEWS) — Throughout the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1897 Korea), there was a department in the kingdom dedicated solely to recording everything that happened in the kingdom: the weather, wars, battles, diplomatic contacts, the orders of the king, what the kings ate every day, etc. that were recorded in books.

This collection is called “True Records of the Joseon Dynasty” and is known as the longest continuous documentation of a single dynasty in the world.

The key word here is “true”: records must be written as authentically as possible, and the people responsible for the record were extremely careful and scrupulous, because if something written later turns out to be false, it will cost them their lives (many people in charge were severely punished and even executed for incorrect recording of historical events).

These records are recognized as the most valuable legacy of Korean history.

[UFO incident in the year 1 of King Gwanghaegun (1609)].

On September 22 (August 25 in the lunar calendar), 1609, which was the first year of King Gwanghaegun’s reign, numerous “anomalous air phenomena” were observed throughout the day by people throughout the kingdom.

In Goseong-gun, Gangwon Province:

Weather description: The sun shone brightly in the blue sky, and there was not a single cloud in all directions.

A strange aerial phenomenon: the clear blue sky began to emit loud sounds like thunder from the north direction, then they moved to the south. People with trepidation and fear began to go out into the street, began to watch the sky.

Then something similar to smoke gradually came out of the sky from two places. It was possible to observe the shape of a halo of sunlight, which constantly moved, and then abruptly stopped after a long time. During this event, thunder was constantly heard, similar to the sound of drums.

Time: 巳時 (09-11 am)

In Wonjumok, Gangwon Province: A

red luminous object shaped like a long cloth flew from south to north. There was a loud sound of thunder in the sky, which then stopped.

Time: 巳時 (09-11 am).

In Gangneung, Gangwon Province:

Weather Description: The sun was bright and clear.

Strange aerial phenomenon: A physical object suddenly appeared in the sky and made small sounds. In shape, it resembled a large pumpkin, pointed at the top and large at the bottom. In the air, he was directed to the north. His movement was as if he was about to fall to the ground.

As it descended towards the ground, its shape gradually increased to 3-4 zhang (30-40 feet or 9-12 meters), and the color was very luminous and red. A white aura appeared on its trajectory, which dissipated in the air for a long time. After the object disappeared, thunder resounded and the sound shook the heavens and the earth.

Time: 巳時 (09-11 am)

In Chungcheong, Gangwon Province:

Weather description: The weather was clear and blue, except for a short cloud in the southeast sky.

A strange aerial phenomenon: at noon a fiery light was observed in the sky. It had the shape of a large bowl, formed in the southeast and flew north.

It was very large and moved like an arrow, but after a while the fiery object gradually dissipated, blue and white smoke appeared and expanded, which began to fly in a curve and did not dissipate for a long time. Sounds like thunder and drums shook the sky and earth, and then stopped.

Time: 午時 (11am~01pm)

In Yangyang, Gangwon Province:

Mun-wi Kim, an official, saw a shiny, round object resembling a washbasin floating in the air in the middle of the garden of his house. His movement at first was like he was about to fall to the ground, but soon he rose up about one zhang (10′ or 3 meters), as if there was some qi (energy) in the air.

The object was the size of an armful and about half a Peel (3′ or 1 m) long, white on the east side, glowing blue in the center, and red on the west side. When Kim looked at it, it began to form into a rainbow, reminiscent of a folded flag.

Then it began to rise up and halfway through the air it turned red on all sides: the upper part of the head was pointed and the lower roots were cut off.

Immediately it moved a little to the north and turned into white clouds, which were transparent and beautiful to look at. It then soared into the sky very quickly, as if being pulled towards it, and crashed into the sky as if spitting out energy.

Suddenly it split into two parts in the middle, one flew to the southeast and disappeared like smoke, and the other remained floating in place, but shaped like a square pillow.

After a while, there were several thunderous sounds, and then a sound like rolling stones and drumming, and after a while everything stopped.

Time: 未時 (01PM ~ 03PM)

In Seoncheon, Pyongan Province:

Weather Description: The day was clear and open, without a single point of cloud.

The observer was frightened by the sound of artillery fire from the edge of the eastern sky. When he looked up into the sky, there was a fireball falling like a haystack. The place where the fireball passed was like a waterfall with the gates of heaven wide open.”


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