Biologists have discovered that monkeys are able to show off

(ORDO NEWS) — Biologists studying primates at the University of York in Canada have reported that for the first time they have documented the ability to show off in monkeys.

In the journal PNAS, observations of chimpanzee behavior are described, which prove that monkeys show objects to each other to get a certain reaction.

This behavior was first seen in a baby chimpanzee. The baby showed her mother the leaf she found. Scientists noted that the cub did this to get a reaction from an adult.

Previously, it was believed that monkeys do not do this.

To make sure that the case with the cub was not isolated, the researchers began to carefully observe the chimpanzees, and counted 80 similar episodes.

It is noted that such gestures are necessary to obtain a social response. But humans make such gestures as early as the first year of life, and among other primates, this behavior is observed for the first time.


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