Scientists told how to detect wormholes in space

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists suggest that in space there are strange objects – wormholes. These are “tunnels” in space-time, in which one “end” can look like a black hole.

And this means that we could already stumble upon such objects in space.

If the new model proposed by a small group of physicists at Sofia University in Bulgaria proves accurate, we’ll have a way to distinguish between such burrows.

It is assumed that at the opposite end of the wormhole there may be a so-called white hole, which “spews out” matter from itself.

To determine what its “partner” black hole might look like, scientists have developed a simplified model of a wormhole in the form of a magnetized ring of liquid.

Particles caught in this violent whirlpool will create powerful electromagnetic fields that will lead to the polarization of any light.

It was the tracking of polarized radio waves that gave us the first stunning images of the M87* black hole in 2019.

The model showed that the wormhole is difficult to distinguish from the polarized light emitted by the rotating disk of matter surrounding the black hole.

By this logic, M87* could very well be the end of a wormhole. Does this mean that we have no chance of finding wormholes? Fortunately, no.

If we are lucky enough to study an image of a potential wormhole seen indirectly through a decent gravitational lens, the distinguishing properties might become apparent.

This, however, requires a conveniently placed massive object between us and the wormhole to distort the light sufficiently.


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