There is a new version regarding the origin of AIDS

(ORDO NEWS) — Professor Jacques Pepin from Canada has been studying the virus that provokes the development of AIDS for a long time. Today, he says that he guesses who could be “patient zero”.

There are a huge variety of theories as to where the human immunodeficiency virus came from. Since HIV was first detected in homosexuals, it was initially believed that the disease is characteristic only of lovers of anal sex. But after a while, drug addicts and women of easy virtue began to fall ill with AIDS. Therefore, the first theory was refuted.

Some time ago, scientists found that African chimpanzees can get sick with a virus that closely resembles HIV. At the same time, this virus does not pose any threat to animals, which cannot be said about humans.

In his book, Jacques Pepin talks about who first became infected from chimpanzees and then transmitted the virus to a huge number of people.

The very first infected was one of the hungry hunters of Cameroon during the First World War. He killed a sick chimpanzee, whose meat was also eaten by many of his associates.

They then returned to the huge city and quickly spread the virus to the locals. The virus began to adapt to the human body and quickly spread around. Given that hygiene in Africa was very poor, the virus was perfectly able to adapt to new living conditions.


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