Cloth discovered in Israel confirms Biblical texts

(ORDO NEWS) — In Israel, in the Timna Valley, a purple-dyed cloth was found that belonged to the royal family during the reign of King David and Solomon. The find confirms the truth of the Bible texts.

Archaeological research was carried out by Tel Aviv University. According to ancient texts, King Solomon created a palanquin for himself from Lebanese wood. The posts were made of silver and the base was made of gold. The seat was upholstered in purple cloth.

The fabric is the first proof that royal purple was actually prized 1000 BC. Previously, this information was only available in the scriptures. The dye was made from certain shellfish that lived in the Mediterranean. The distance from Timna to the sea is 300 kilometers.

Purple was used by aristocracy, priests and royal families. The main advantage of this color is that it does not fade. Pieces of cloth were on the slave hill, where industrial waste was concentrated.


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