Peeling skin, swelling of the tongue and swelling of the extremities: new symptoms of coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — The list of possible symptoms of coronavirus is expanding. So, the researchers noticed that patients have peeling of the skin, swelling of the hands and feet, as well as swelling of the tongue with some burning sensation. Among 666 patients, 46% developed at least one of these symptoms.

The study took place in Madrid, where the epidemic peaked in April. Then a field hospital was opened, where patients of mild and moderate severity lay.

Peeling of the skin was noticed in 25% of patients, spots on the limbs of a red-brown color – in 15%, swollen tongue – in 12%. In 5% of cases, there was a burning sensation in the mouth, and in 7% – palmar-plantar syndrome with edema. In a small number of patients, scientists also noticed a rash.

All symptoms have been seen in adults, so they do not need to be attributed to children. The observations lasted two weeks, experts could have missed some signs of coronavirus.

Today, the main symptoms are fever, cough, breathing problems and coughing, muscle pain, nausea, and disappearance of smell and taste.


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