The world faces a new pandemic due to the deadly Nipah virus

(ORDO NEWS) — The deadly new virus can cause an incredibly high mortality rate, which reaches 40-70%. At the same time, it will also spread with great speed.

The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, and the WHO is already warning of a new threat from the Nipah virus. It spreads rapidly and causes high mortality.

A significant drawback in this situation is that there is no cure for it. Jayasri K Iyer stated that a new pandemic could start at any moment and lead to a huge number of deaths around the world.

The virus was first discovered back in 1999. Then an outbreak of the disease was recorded among farmers in Malaysia.

After some time, 12 more flares occurred. The virus is transmitted by representatives of the bats family. Bats are also carriers, but the animals themselves do not get sick.

People can get infected from sick pigs who have contracted the virus as a result of eating dates or date palm juice contaminated with dangerous secretions from fruit bats.

The disease does not provoke any symptoms. In severe cases, respiratory problems, cerebral edema or encephalitis may occur.


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