A shark similar to Donald Trump found in Florida

(ORDO NEWS) — In February 2019, Tanner Munsell observed sharks that live off the coast of Florida. He wanted to photograph exactly how sharks knead their jaws after finishing their meal.

Munsell posted some of the photos online a while back. Many users immediately began to write in the comments that one of the sharks photographed very much resembles former US President Donald Trump.

Some even thought the picture might be fake. At the same time, a photo with a shark resembling Trump very quickly became viral and gained a huge number of likes and comments from users.

Munsell shared with everyone that shooting sharks underwater for him is to some extent an addiction.

That shot, which became incredibly popular, he tried to make throughout the year. When the sharks kneaded their jaw, they could be very far away, or he swam up to them from a not entirely successful angle. At the same time, the photographer did not pursue any goals of a political nature.


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