Magnetic storms in February 2021: when to wait and how to survive

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the findings of scientists, the third month of winter will bring a lot of geomagnetic fluctuations. There will be at least four magnetic storms, one of which will be protracted.

The first February magnetic storm will cover the planet on the 7-10th. The peak is expected on February 9th. It is on this day that problems with sleep, excessive fatigue and surges in blood pressure are possible.

The next event is expected on the 15th. The geomagnetic fluctuation will be serious, therefore, the health of not only weather-sensitive citizens is at risk. Everyone can feel unwell, experience severe headaches, and face depressive thoughts. It is recommended to carry with you means both for sedation and in case of relapses of certain diseases.

The penultimate storm will happen on February 22nd. The outburst intensity is expected to be medium. The main thing is to maintain a positive attitude.

And the last event will happen on February 27th. Many will not even notice this hesitation, since the force will be insignificant.

To survive magnetic storms, you need to get enough sleep and pay attention to your health. Avoid stressful situations, follow the principles of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


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