The story of an American who served nearly 70 years in prison

(ORDO NEWS) — Joe Laigon spent 68 years in prison. The other day the man was released and is now looking for a job. His plans for life are full of ambition and dreams. Joe plans to make money on what he did in prison for many years – collecting garbage.

It is reported by the BBC.

Lygon first went to prison as a teenager. At the time of his first imprisonment, he was only 15 years old. Men says that he did not study well at school, reading and writing was given to him with great difficulty. But the American loved sports. 

In 1953, Joe fell under the influence of bad company. In the first stabbing, in which the American took part, 6 people died. For participating in the fight, the man was charged with murder and sent to prison to serve a life sentence. 

In 2005, one of the lawyers drew attention to the Lygon case. He wanted to draw public attention to such criminals. As a 15-year-old teenager with a terrible education, Joe didn’t even know his verdict. Only after meeting with a lawyer did the man understand for what and how long he was serving. Bradley Bridge (the name of the lawyer) decided by all means to secure the release of Joe.

Painstaking work and a large number of court sessions were not in vain. In 2020, the prisoner was released. When the man was released, he was amazed at how much the world had changed. The attitude of society towards him is now more loyal than 50 years ago. 

As a grandfather at a respectable age, Joe is not discouraged and plans to work as long as his health allows.


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