Astronomers witness the absorption of a star by a black hole

(ORDO NEWS) — In space outside the solar system, at a distance of 700 million light years from Earth, astronomers have seen the absorption of a star by a black hole. The cosmic body weighed 5 million times more than the sun. The devouring took place in several stages: bright emission, rupture and absorption.

It is reported by Oxford Academic Journals.

The devouring occurred due to the fact that the star was at a small distance from the black hole. The tidal force of the gravitational field literally stretches the star and tears it apart.

As a result, the debris of the cosmic body turns into long, thin threads of matter. The process of this transformation is called “spaghettification” because the threads resemble spaghetti (hence the strange name of the process). These elongated debris are being sucked in by a black hole. The phenomenon is unusually beautiful and a little sad at the same time.

Scientists have detailed the absorption process in scientific work. They said that the debris of the star even forms self-gravitating streams. What astronomers have seen are called “absorption lines.”

If in the near future scientists can prove the correctness of the interpretation of the theory of “spaghettification”, this will be a new leap forward in the study of black holes and their features.


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