The most surprising facts about electric transport

(ORDO NEWS) — In the 21st century, humanity found the practical use of electrical energy everywhere. We found the widest application not only in industry and everyday life but also in transport. Today it is no longer possible to surprise anyone with an electric car, electric scooter, or even a gyro scooter.

This type of transport is appreciated for its reliable operation, efficiency, environmental safety, and ease of maintenance. You simply need to plug it in at the end of the day to “refuel” it in preparation for the next trip. Thanks to the likes of Electricians in Highland installing EV chargers in residential homes, more and more people are getting their first electric vehicles and increasing the number of them on the road.

But although electric transport is becoming more and more in demand and popular every year, for many people it still remains a mystery. That is why it is worth visiting a specialized forum on electric transport, as well as learning a number of interesting facts about it. Here are the most important ones:

When the first electric unicycle appeared

On the streets of large cities, you can often see people who ride a very unusual vehicle – a mono-wheel. At its core, it is a self-balancing unicycle, consisting of one wheel and side pegs. It has gyroscopes, accelerometers, and other sensors for control. On the “NaToke” forum you can learn more about the electric unicycle, what it is , how it works, what to consider when choosing, and so on.

The invention belongs to Dean Wayman. The unicycle was first manufactured by Solowheel in 2009. The average weight of the device ranges from 9 to 29 kg. The maximum speed can be up to 80 km / h. The travel range on a single charge varies from 10 to 240 km. Such transport is often used to move around the city, as well as just for fun.

What is interesting about e-bikes

Educational articles about electric transport often talk about electric bicycles, like the Klapp E Bike. Many people are even happy owners of them. There are a number of things worth learning about such transport:

– The maximum speed of the electric bike can reach an impressive 100 km / h.
– The most popular models are equipped with 500-1000 W motors.
– The weight of an e-bike is only a couple of kilograms more than a regular bike.

What is worth learning about electric vehicles

The popularity of this environmentally friendly transport is growing every year all over the world. More and more people are looking to buy an electric car for its convenience and lower running costs, which is why this Sydney electric car charger installation company is installing electric car chargers all over Sydney. Today, over 1 million units are in regular operation. But electric cars can be found not only on the roads, they are also in space.

On February 7, 2018, SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster towards Mars using a Falcon Heavy launch vehicle. The average consumption of an electric car is $ 0.5 per 100 kilometers. Since the electric car does not have an engine, gearbox, fuel supply and cooling systems, it received a maximum 5 points in all crash tests.


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