SpinLaunch has published a dizzying video of the flight of its rocket

(ORDO NEWS) — The SpinLaunch launch system is known for propelling launch vehicles to tremendous speeds in a vacuum chamber using electric motors.

After the centrifuge spins up, the locking mechanism fires the rocket, which flies out through a hole in the chamber at a speed of about 2.2 kilometers per second.

When the rocket reaches near-orbital altitude, the engines turn on and the booster launches the payload into orbit.

It is believed that an alternative launch system will not only reduce the cost of space flights, but also their impact on the environment.

SpinLaunch recently posted a breathtaking video of a mock rocket taking off from the booster at a launch speed of 1,609 kilometers per hour (Mach 1.3).

A test rocket 3 meters long was launched into the sky on April 22, 2022. The flight of the object lasted 82 seconds. An altitude of 7.6 kilometers was reached.

Of course, this is still very far from the lower boundary of space, but in this case we are talking about a prototype for testing the technology as a whole.


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