Spanish archaeologists unearthed the ruins of the legendary Temple of Hercules

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Bay of Cadiz, which is located in Spain, experts have discovered the ruins of a long-lost temple of the Phoenician god Mel kart. The ancient Romans called him Hercules, while the Greeks considered him Hercules.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that Hercules and Hercules are actually one character. Numerous descriptions of the temple of Hercules Gaitan can be found in ancient manuscripts. They date back to around the 9th century BC. Experts believe that the flooded structures in the bay may turn out to be exactly this, given by the lost temple.

A team of experts from the University of Seville took advantage of special modern lidar technology. It is based on laser ranging. Aerial photographs were also studied. All this made it possible to discover under water the remains of a building located in the immediate vicinity of the island of Sancti Petri. The structure was 300 meters long and 150 meters wide.

The Temple of Hercules was a structure with a huge number of columns, and at the same time there was an


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