Scientists warned about dangerous processes in the Sun: will affect all earthlings

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to recent studies, dinosaurs could have died not from a meteorite, but from processes on the Sun. Our star is an incandescent star, and all stars have their own life cycle. At each stage of existence, the intensity of the Sun’s radiation increases significantly.

The death of the Sun will come in about 4.5 billion years. Before death, the star will be so hot that life on Earth will become impossible. Our planet will begin to change rapidly, eventually it will turn into a desert.

The synthesis of hydrogen occurs on the star, the derivative of which is helium. This element accumulates in the core. Also, some elements and waste accumulate around the sun. The weight of the star remains unchanged, therefore, to maintain equilibrium, the star has to increase the temperature of thermonuclear reactions. As a result, the amount of heat emitted increases.

At each stage of existence, the Sun will only become brighter. In the days of the dinosaurs, our luminary was completely different: more calm, dim. Ultimately, the Earth will become so hot that it will become impossible to live on it. The oceans will begin to actively evaporate, plants and animals will die. For a while, our planet will be like Venus, trapped in a suffocating atmosphere of carbon dioxide.

In the last phases of life, the Sun will actively swell, its color will change to bright red. Mercury and Venus will surely be swallowed up. Whether the Earth will follow them – scientists cannot say. If the star reaches our world, then the Earth will disappear in a day.


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